Because you should know what service is offered, in writing, up front

Getting Started

Site visit: Let us put eyes on your real estate property investment and visit the neighborhood. We can evaluate the marketability, discuss points of emphasis or needed improvements. This visit gives us the chance to meet you and any other owners and listen.  We also want to share our business philosophy and let you knw what you can expect from us as property managers as well as what we expect from you. We want the basis of our business partnership to begin with mutual understanding.

Initial Inspection:  This is the standard for all future inspections. It is a photo journal of how Century 21 Amerisouth received the property to begin marketing.

Market Analysis: After the site visit we will contact you with a written analysis of your property based on experience and proprietary software and offer a suggested price range.

Site Prep: If needed we will either coordinate with you and your workers or offer you the benefits of using our licensed and insured vendors. These are people and companies that we have vetted and trust to provide consistent quality services at fair prices. All this is aimed at preparing your property for market at it’s best price.

Marketing: The world has gone electronic. Email me, shoot me a text, just tell Google to put it on my calendar. But some people just want to hear a human voice. We have it all covered. State of the art cloud based software, a website with too many background services to mention, push adverting to dozens of listing sites plus the power, recognizability and scope of Century 21 - the most recognized real estate company on the planet with human beings on the phone and in the office right here in Pensacola, ready to greet our customers and talk with them, one on one.

Tenant Selection: Like many other management companies we have access to credit screening and background checks. Unlike many, we set and stand by pre-set written standards that each prospect must meet to qualify. Also, we charge a lower application fee than most local management companies. We do not look at application fees as a markup item to see how much we can increase our income. Prospects notice this and comment on it, and rent our properties knowing that we are fair with them from the beginning.

Lease-up:  While lease execution is available online and even site-unseen for qualified prospects, most of our lesees meet with us right here on Nine Mile Road and review the lease with us, get introduced to our comprehensive menu of online services and review what they can expect from us and what we expect from them. Initial rents and security deposits are collected in certifiied funds. We use a proprietary lease designed to protect the owners interest and be fair to all parties.

When Your Property is Rented

Inspections: You want to know that we are keeping track of your property and we want you to know what we see.

Move In Inspection: Whether it’s the first time we move a tenant in, or the tenth, there is a photo document record of the property condition when the lease starts. These inspections are done with the property vacant, just before the new tenant occupancy.

Monthly Drive By: Drive by inspections are done for every property, every month. This is a chance for us to see things that look good and to see signs of neglect - which will lead to further investigation.

90 Day Inspection: After about 3 months of occupancy we will do a quick walk through with the tenant. This is as much a maintenance check as it is for neglect. Often, a simple reminder to change an ac filter or to let us fix that running toilet will save the owner future expense.

6 Week Alert: Approximately 45 days prior to the end of the current lease the owner is sent a reminder and a recommended course of action (offer renewal, offer renewal with rent increase, deny renewal and find a new tenant). This is the time you may decide to cancel your management agreement without penalty and perhaps sell or retake possession of your property. Active involvement in these decisions may benefit your tax status regarding investment property. Ask your CPA or tax advisor.

Renewal Inspection: At renewal time we will, after consulting with the property owner, present the tenant with an offer for renewal. There may or may not be a rent increase or a change in terms - that depends on the current market and the tenant’s history with Century 21 Amerisouth. We meet the tenant at the property with the lease, complete the walk through inspection with photos, execute the renewal documents and send you a report, including pictures and potential futur maintenance items.

Move Out Inspection:  After move out we will inspect the property for damage, cleanliness and maintenance issues. Again - lots of pictures. This record will become the basis for any security deposit claims or returns

Maintenance: We require written requests for maintenance. These requests can come via email, fax, paper notes dropped at our office, or though a Maintenance Request function built in to our website - but, they must be in writing. We will contact the tenant to confirm the request, establish whether or not it is a tenant responsibility, then assign it to one of our licensed and insured vendors. If the maintenance has the potential to cost more than $250 we will contact you to review the issue. Work order follow ups are done with vendor and tenant to assure the issue is resolved.

Notice Service:   Although we try hard to avoid these situations, should it become necessary we will hand deliver notices required to collect rent, require lease compliance or pursue evictions. We will even deliver court documents (within our legally defined limits) required to pursue evictions on your behalf. This is included at no cost to you beyond costs required by the county for filing fees and sheriffs delivery fees.

Bookkeeping and Accounting:   Century 21 Amerisouth is acutely aware of our fiduciary responsibilities to our owners and our solemn responsibility to maintain and account for money we hold in trust for owners and tenants within the guidelines of Florida statute and rule, the Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DBPR) and the guidelines of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Our bookkeeping is accurate, timely and transparent and always available to you online or by contacting us.