These lines are taken directly from our Business Plan and are shared here to demonstrate our commitment to certain values.

Our Philosophy

It is the belief of the principals that entrepreneurial rewards come in many forms; not limited to monetary. The Company will be modeled to be fair, open and honest in it’s dealings with clients, customers, vendors and employees. Questions of ethics and fair dealing will be decided by the principals with the tendency to err towards the best course for the business reputation and the fair treatment of others without capitulation to unfair or unreasonable demands.

Our Goals

Enjoy a business reputation amongst fellow small business owners, related professional organizations and client and customer base as being ethical, fair and honest.

Our Plan

Develop a limited portfolio of  single family or small multi-family managed rental properties with a strong concentration in the mid to upper rent range for owner-investors that are comfortable with electronic communication.  And to provide solid local market advice, transparent on-demand bookkeeping and personalized customer service that encourages low tenant turn over.